10 Signs That Say You have Found The Right House

Posted on Monday, July 6th, 2015 at 12:10am.

So, you have been searching for a new house. You made a list of things that the house must have, you've thought out your budget and you have a few favourites, among all the houses you saw that more or less fit the bill. Now, how do you know which house is the right one for you. Here's the thing - it is both an art and a science. There is no 1 thing that will magically get you to say 'YES! This is the one'. Rather it is a combination of factors. Go and visit your favourite homes you are considering once again and check for the signs below.

Here are 10 signs that will confirm that you've found the right house:

  1. Exterior of the house makes you want to go in:

You drive up the street and an exterior of a house compels you to step in and walk around the house. It feels inviting and makes you curious. You feel like how you felt when going on a date with your partner. 'Curb appeal' is a real thing - and you will know when a home has it!

  1. The house feels welcoming when you walk through it:

You are walking around the house and it gives a warm welcoming feeling. You feel like it's calling you, inviting you, to just sit and relax in its comfort. It just feels 'right'. There is enough room for you to get into the doorway and put your jacket away, to greet visitors, or to bring in your groceries.

  1. You actually like the bathroom

Often people are prejudiced towards bathrooms and just give it a glance without actually stepping inside. But this house, you go inside, feel the surfaces and imagine coming home and unwinding yourself in the warm shower. I have been told this a million times - but it's true. Kitchens and bathrooms sells homes!

  1. You feel possessive about the house:

Every house will have its flaws, but somehow, this house, the flaws seem minor, something you could repair later on. Maybe the yard looks bare, or maybe there are a few stains on the door or walls. But you overlook those and feel that the house is perfect, even with it's imperfections, and none have the right to complain about the house.

  1. You can envision the furnishings in the house:

As you walk around the house, you can imagine the furniture, the curtains, the bed, everything. If you can see which part of the living room will have the Christmas tree, you are already hooked to the house. Sometimes it is the furniture you already have, or sometimes it is something that you have always wanted to have.

  1. You can imagine painting the house in your colors:

While the walls maybe powder blue in the master bedroom, but you can see your favourite color on the walls. White walled houses come alive with your favourite color as you walk around the house, assigning different colors to the walls of different rooms.

  1. The house satisfies your basic needs:

The house has the number of rooms and space you need. It fits your list of "Absolute Must-Haves". If you love cooking, the kitchen seems big enough. If your kids love to play, the open spaces around the house looks perfect. It basically has all you need.

  1. You no longer feel the need to visit other houses:

When you step out after the walk-through, you don't feel the need to go and see the house next door or any other house at all. You just want to make this house yours.

  1. You already feel the need to tell everyone about the new house:

You are waiting for the chance where you can tell everyone about your new address and put your family name on the mailbox.

  1. Your instinct tells you to buy the house:

Now, go ahead, and fix your deal before someone else bids for the house. Because a house is a life time investment, you should feel comfortable living in that house without regrets. If you like the house, and the house makes you feel good, by all means, tell your agent " I'm buying this house."

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